Takeaway Heritage

The Takeaway Heritage project revealed the hidden history of kebab shops, restaurants, cafes and takeaways run by migrants in Brighton and Hove. It is about the life stories of the workers, the owners and the customers and what these stories can tell us about migration and integration in the UK today. We collected the stories in a book, Takeaway Heritage, as well as through radio podcasts, film and photography.       

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On this page you will find a selection of video clips and audio recordings of our interviews, as well as a gallery of images.

Takeaway Heritage: Ephesus

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Generations of migrants and refugees have changed the way we live and eat today. But their story has been untold. Until now.

Join us on an adventure through the multicultural backstreets of Brighton as we interview the unsung chefs, waiters and managers and lift the lid on the UK’s cultural history.

Published by Refugee Radio Books 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0-9929374-2-3. For just £10 plus £2.57 postage and packing. Get yours today:

Takeaway Heritage: Sahara

Takeaway Heritage: MacDoner

The Takeaway Heritage project interviews staff at MacDoner in Kemp Town, the kebab shop with the greatest name in the history of kebab shops, not to mention the best homemade pitta bread! Takeaway Heritage documented 35 stories which reveal…

Takeaway Heritage: Kambis

Our Takeaway Heritage series continues with a feature on Kambis, a Lebanese restaurant and takeaway on the Brighton and Hove border. We talk to a chef, a manager and a waiter to find out more about the culture behind the counter. Takeaway…

Takeaway Heritage: Archipelagos

The Takeaway Heritage series talks to Theo from Nick Cave’s favourite Greek restaurant, Archipelagos. Takeaway Heritage documented 35 stories which reveal the hidden history of restaurants, cafes and takeaways run by migrants in…

Takeaway Heritage: Waves

Continuing our Takeaway Heritage series, we talk to Ali and Esmeray who arrived in the UK as refugees from Turkey and have now set up their first cafe. Takeaway Heritage documented 35 stories which reveal the hidden history…

Takeaway Heritage: Almas

Takeaway Heritage has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.