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Episode 27

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The Takeaway Heritage project interviews staff at MacDoner in Kemp Town, the kebab shop with the greatest name in the history of kebab shops, not to mention the best homemade pitta bread!

Takeaway Heritage documented 35 stories which reveal the hidden history of restaurants, cafes and takeaways run by migrants in Brighton and Hove. It is about the life stories of the workers, the owners and the customers and what these stories can tell us about migration and integration in the UK today. You can read all the stories in the book.

“In this country when boy or girl turn eighteen, they have right to leave the family and go wherever they like. In our country they don’t go anywhere until they get married, so they stay with the family. They sit at the same table and they’re always a group. You get used to it. And in this country, for example, when I cook I phone my friend, I invite my friend, I say come around I cook something, let’s having it together and have a laugh and joke and tea after. And yeah. How it works.” – Awat.

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Episode 27