Prisoner of Hope

Prisoner of Hope (2023) was produced as part of the Refugee Heritage Project, a joint project by Conversation Over Borders and Refugee Radio, platforming the voices of displaced people in our communities.

Every day the news carries stories about asylum seekers crossing the channel or about new immigration policies, but rarely do we hear from the people who are making the journeys themselves. Prisoner of Hope (2023), and the book, Refugee Heritage: An Oral History of Asylum, seek to bring these voices to the fore.

Published by Refugee Radio Books 2023 ISBN 978-0-9929374-4-7

This project was made possible by the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We are committed to recording oral-history interviews with refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in our local area as a way of understanding social change in British life and preserving people’s life stories. Our previous project collected a series of in-depth interviews in the Castaway Heritage book. Before that, we looked at the humble kebab shop to uncover a hidden world of migration and cultural exchange.

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