About Us

Who We Are

Refugee Radio was formed by refugee and human rights workers in 2008. We are run by a board of Trustees, including refugees and other migrants. We have a team of staff who run the projects and a group of volunteers who make it all happen.

Resilience Project

Stephen Silverwood is the founder and Chief Executive of Refugee Radio. He is the host of the Refugee Radio programme and the author of several books on refugee issues. He has worked with refugee communities in Brighton and London since 2000.

Jane Smith is an Advice Worker for the Refugee Radio Resilience Project, providing one-to-one specialist casework for the refugees and asylum seekers who attend our mental-health Support Group. Jane has a degree in English and is certified in counselling, health and social care and suicide intervention. She has worked with Brighton Housing Trust and RISE, the domestic abuse charity.

Lily Fining is the mental-health co-ordinator at Refugee Radio. She runs our support groups for refugees and asylum seekers in Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne.

Get Involved

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker who wants to tell their story, or someone supporting a vulnerable migrant who needs our support, Refugee Radio is here to help. Please contact us via email on info@refugeeradio.org.uk or by phone on 01273 234868.

Refugee Radio is here to raise the voice of refugees and asylum seekers. We want to pass the mic and let you be heard. We are always looking for people to interview for our radio programme. We’re especially interested to hear from refugees and asylum seekers who don’t get heard in the media. You might have a story you want to tell or you might just want to share your music and culture with our listeners so they have a better understanding of where you come from.

Our Funders

Our Partners

Brighton Therapy Centre

We are currently piloting a trauma therapy project in partnership with Brighton Therapy Centre. This project is providing long-term EMDR (and other therapies such as CBT), with interpreters where needed. Brighton Therapy Centre are a non-profit organisation providing accessible psychological therapies to all.

Conversation Over Borders

We are piloting a new project in partnership with Conversation Over Borders in response to the increasing problem of social isolation during Covid-19.

The project is matching volunteer teachers and befrienders with isolated refugees and migrants.

Radio Reverb 97.2FM

We have been broadcasting our radio show on our local community FM station since 2008. Radio Reverb 97.2FM is the sound of the city, with a mixture of great shows such as Carousel Radio which showcases the creative voice of people with a learning disability, Slipstreem World Beats with global groover Mark Johnson, and many more!

Best Foot Music

Best Foot Music are a local charity supporting refugee musicians and organising community events. We have worked with them for many years at gigs and festivals to help people have a voice and be part of the cultural life of the city.

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