Ahmad: Citizen of Moria

Episode 39

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“When Ahmad’s life comes under threat by the Taliban in Afghanistan, he leaves his family behind for survival, without saying good bye, and ends up in Europe’s worst Refugee Detention Camp, Moria.” So begins Ahmad’s odyssey, a journey through the international refugee crisis that he chose to record, using his skills as a film-maker and his personal struggle as the focus of a new documentary, Citizen of Moria.

Moria is a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Originally intended for 3,000 people, it soon found itself home to more than 20,000. Moria is a stark symbol of Europe’s failure to respond to the scale of the crisis and of the humanitarian consequences of war in an overpopulated world.

In this interview, we talk to Ahmad about life in the camp and the making of the film, and we talk to the director Jawad Mir, who co-produced the film with Ahmad. Please visit the film’s official website to find out more and for news of upcoming screenings: https://citizenofmoriafilm.com/

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Episode 39