Hyab: “The neighbour who calls me a neighbour”

Episode 52

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Hyab is a researcher at the Institute of Technology and is an expert in human trafficking. He was forced to flee his home in Eritrea because of persecution by the government who have been held responsible for extrajudicial executions, a lack of elections and the use of indefinite military service. In this interview, Hyab talks about his experiences, the question of “human rights” and about his hopes for the future. You can find out more at his fascinating blog.

Refugee Radio would like to acknowledge the help of Prisoners of Conscience, a charity that supports people who have been persecuted and imprisoned to settle in their new homes and achieve their goals. Prisoners of Conscience relies on donor support to help people like Hyab. Please visit their website to find out more about their important work and how you can get involved.

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Episode 52