Refugee Benefits and Housing Advice Training

We have worked with refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants since 2008 and have run a weekly mental health support group since 2011.

We provide a casework and advocacy service, working in partnership with Brighton Therapy Centre to provide trauma therapy.

Introduction to Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

For advisors and caseworkers working with refugees and asylum seekers who would like to better understand their rights and entitlements

The team at Refugee Radio have brought decades of experience to produce this training package on the specific problems faced by this client group and the difficulties encountered when supporting them. This training is delivered by a member of the Refugee Radio, and by someone who has personal lived experience of going through the asylum system themselves.

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Course Content

The training content has been designed by and will also be co-delivered by people with lived experience of the immigration system.  Our course prepares participants to be able to work confidently with refugee and asylum seeker clients and service users.

What are the aims of the training?

  • Increase knowledge of issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers
  • Eliminate the confusion around accessing services with different immigration status
  • Enable the correct responses when working with vulnerable migrant communities

What are the teaching methods?

The session combines various teaching methods, including:

  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Practice and discussion

Learning outcomes for training participants

  • What are the different rights and entitlements
  • Refugee and asylum terminology
  • The immigration process and impact on claiming benefits
  • Housing and homelessness, including asylum support and hotels
  • Refugees’ thoughts and experiences on accessing services

We are not coming here to see the beautiful view. Refugees or asylum seekers they come here with a big problem. If they didn’t have problem they will stay in their home.

Amin, Syria

We are able to make a tailored training package to suit your organisation.  To discuss your requirements for bespoke training please contact us.

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