Our Projects

Refugee Radio stands up for human rights and works to combat isolation, discrimination, exclusion and mental health problems. Many of the people we work with have survived traumatic experiences such as war, torture and sexual violence. We provide practical support and advice as well as cultural activities in order to help individuals and promote social change.

Mental-Health Resilience Project

We run a mental-health support group every Monday from 3pm until 5pm at Community Base, Brighton for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants suffering from stress and depression, especially those with PTSD. We are always open to new referrals.

The project also runs regular social activities and a walking group on Wednesdays in the summertime. We have been piloting bike rides with some of our clients recently, maintaining social distancing and hope to run some more over the summer (thanks again to our friends at Cranks). Do get in touch if you would like to join in!

We are also able to offer longterm EMDR therapy for PTSD via our partners at Brighton Therapy Centre.

Casework & Advice

We run a specialist one-to-one casework advice service for refugees and asylum seekers.

We are able to advice on problems with employment, education, health, housing and benefits- including everything from making benefit claims through to disability appeals. Call us on 01273 234868.

Refugee Heritage & Local History Project

We are committed to recording oral-history interviews with refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in our local area as a way of understanding social change in British life and preserving people’s life stories. Our most recent interviews have been collected in the Castaway Heritage book. In our last project, we looked at the humble kebab shop to uncover a hidden world of migration and cultural exchange.

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Refugee “Desert Island Discs”

We have been broadcasting radio shows since 2008, helping refugee voices to be heard. We were the first ever weekly programme on refugee issues and since we started we have inspired new “refugee radio” stations across Europe.

Our“Desert Island Discs” Project is a platform for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants to tell their own stories to their new communities. It is about combating the dehumanisation of mainstream media when it claims to report about refugee issues. We do not run our own radio station, but we make radio programmes for community FM stations and internet radio stations so that we can reach a wider audience.

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Conversation Over Borders

We are piloting a new project in partnership with Conversation Over Borders in response to the increasing problem of social isolation during Covid-19.

The project is matching volunteer teachers and befrienders with isolated refugees and migrants.

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Refugee Radio Orchestra

The Refugee Radio Orchestra was a supergroup of refugee artists and local musicians who played a mixture of Kurdish and Persian folk music with Hip Hop and Reggae fusion.

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Ever since the very first Refugee Radio Roadshow in 2009, we have organised all sorts of live events and gigs in the community to help promote refugee music and bring people together.

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