Come to our events!

Our live events use music and poetry to bring the whole community together

Join us this Saturday for an evening of music and dance in aid of the Syrian Community hardship fund and a clean water project in Sudan.

This cover of an old Clash favourite has been updated to explore the difficult decision confronting refugees in Africa caught between the Mediterranean crossing and the dangers at home

Refugee Radio will be down at the Zine Fair this Saturday with some of our comics, magazines and books on human rights and refugees. The day starts at 3pm and there is music from 7pm.

"Don't dump me in a foreign land." A new report on detention and young arrivers by Dan Godshaw argues for an end to indefinite immigration detention and a raft of other recommendations based on exhaustive research with detainees. It is time for this practice to end of locking people up and throwing away the key.

Tune! Coming to Brighton this month with a sold out show at the Old Market